Family Feud: Sfiso Ncwane's Sister in Fight Over Birthday

Sfiso Ncwane’s birthday was celebrated yesterday at Mthwalume in the south of KZN, where the late gospel star grew up.

The celebration – which was organised by his widow Ayanda and Ncwane Communications – continues today at Witbank, Mpumalanga.

But his family thinks the celebration happened too soon and accused Ayanda of trying to make them look like bad people. Sfiso’s sister Gugu Ncwane said the artists who were booked to perform at the celebration should have snubbed it.
Family in Feud Over Singer's Birthday 

She insisted they should have respected the family tradition that mourning lasts a year before any celebration event. Gugu said: “I think Ayanda wants to turn everyone against us. She wants us to be known as people who always complain, or as people who hate her.

“But she provokes us. She organised the events without consulting us, as her husband’s family. She doesn’t respond to any complaints because she wants to appear to the world as an innocent person who doesn’t talk too much.

“This woman wants us to look like fools. When we want answers, she ignores us. She first held the ceremony where she dumped her mourning clothes. And she didn’t inform us. Now, this!” said Gugu.

“What she must know is that Sfiso is our blood. He loved his family, but was scared of her. That’s why he was not visiting us. She can do whatever she wants with our late brother, but she must watch out for bad luck. I know one day she’ll need us,” she said.

Artists booked to perform at the birthday celebration included Nhlakanipho Cele, Dumi Mkokstad, Sgwili Zuma and Khuzani. Ayanda could not be reached for comment.

Ncwane Communications spokesperson, Asanda Mpaise, refused to comment, but said: S’fiso started the initiative of the celebration of his birthday with Mthwalume residents.

“Sfiso had planned to do it (the birthday celebration) this year.” - Daily Sun


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