Lingerie for Ladies: Tatelicious, Zim Transgender Causes Stir on FB

Zimbabwe transgender woman Tatelicious, born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe is at it again. On Monday she caused a stir with a controversial Facebook video dancing in only her panties and bra.

Despite heavy criticism following the initial video, yesterday she posted another video dancing in her lingerie. The Easter video was under the caption: “#Ending the Easter Holiday In Style  

“Hello my #Facebook Family. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday in love,peace,good health and happiness.

“I chose to end mine with a bit of dance exercise dancing to #Nigerian Music Dorrobucci. Use your smile to change the world and don’t let anyone change your smile because it’s who you are. I love you all and #Makandikoshera Mufunge ”
Tatelicious Addressing Journalists 

In the video, the woman says: “How are you how are you over there, I hope you are enjoying the end of the easter holiday, that’s what we do when ending holidays babie, we shake it…” while sipping a beverage.

Asked to comment on the video, Tatelicious said “I choose to be happy with my life,and I do what makes me happy.With haters I don’t judge them because they are giving their honest opinion but I think we have to find out path in life and people who know me knows that I’m a free spirit. So let me do me for me because life is too short to live in regrets. Ndatenda zvangu"

The latest video was captioned: #Lingerie For The Ladies I’M AIN’T STOPPING.

Hello my lovely#Facebook FamilyI hope I find everyone happy and fine. I’m releasing a #Lingerie Line for plus size woman and if you know that you are a plus size woman watch the space because this line will definately be for you and you gonna love it because it’s gonna come with a charm of my #Confidence and #Free Spirit!!!

Tell a friend to tell a friend that Tatelicious has got something in store for you and this will add flavour to your lives because you gonna be looking sexy. I love you all and #Makandikoshera Mufunge

In the video she will be saying, “It’s your girl Tatelicious again, we are bringing you a lingerie line for you ladies, some se_xy panties,watch the space. Today I’m drinking a glass of water because it’s midweek and I don’t drink during the midweek, only drinking holidays and weekends, glass of water for me. So watch the space ladies, some sexy lingerie for you ah ahh, love you my ladies.”

Below are a few of the comments from her Facebook post: Nyasha Muzuva-Mukabeta-Male adrenalin runs through her veins…the genes are still there!!!

Mai Vevakomana -Yuwiiiiikkkkkkkkkpadonhedzwamutakawenakkkkkk.

Joyce TsitsiMatema -Haa Tate this is 3 much..mwanawaanikouyu

TsindikaniDukunya- L like this why buying phonograph if there are girls like this. Bring more please. It’s for man not for women. Sammy Oliphant-Dube -Confusion between self confidence and attention seeking

Jules Jonathan -NhaiTatelicious what is this? People tagging each other meaning vapererwa and cant believe what they are seeing. Hmmm isamabreaksufunge, ukhkwakurasahunhuuku. Hantikutoita video drinking alcohol kutaridza you cant do this urisobber? Usashoresa your rainbow community yenyunekuda fame on fb.

MurozviMukuru -U HAVE TO LOVE Tateliciousukasvotwahaupore…..!!!

Abi Matte- I used to respect you. You were a role model. I’m not sure why or what we’re supposed to be learning here. u could have equally shook your bum with clothes on. I need to unsee this!
Dazed Fareye -Sisimakurasika. You don’t have to be naked to be se_xy

FaraiRunganga -Endendanyara shit, very shame i feel sory foth mother of that th then man, mberekoyamaivakazvaramwanauyo is a disgrace to th society and Zim at large. Hama dzangundanyarakani, Mwaripindiraikani, whrearyu God

Sammy QuiyoTatelicious- I have been a fan of your bravery. But I dont believe your should lower your standard to this. Im not a hater but you are more than just another girl. You are Beckon an example to other pipo. And this is not the image to show. Be confident yes but not half na_ked

Hilda MasibandaChali-wadiikumirira vale yenext year izvihazvidipaEasterkushama so apa #wanditadzira. TendayiMukwenha-This is a public disgrace and an insult to all the women who resembles her, l just hope its not another nigerian abusing her

TendayiMukwenha-This is a public disgrace and an insult to all the women who resembles her, l just hope its not another nigerian abusing her

Sue Chaduka- Ummmakomanaka this is too much.. Tate was my junior kucollegearimukomanaaiva very prayerful ari mu praise & worship..the devil is at work! - H Metro


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