Yekedero Anthem: Andy Muridzo Salutes Bev for Promoting his Chant

Harare – Certified music mimic, Andy Muridzo is a relieved man after his concubine, Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda alleged she had suffered a miscarriage. Muridzo scooped on the opportunity to celebrated the ‘loss’, and also saluting Bev for promoting ‘Yekedero’ – a suggestive dance he initiated then perfected.

In a bid to spite Bev, while pleasing his wife Chido Manyange aka Mai Keketso – Muridzo invaded social media with video plastered with love.

“I’d like to thank people for making the chant Yekedero a national anthem. Even those who hate us (in apparent reference to Bev) have made it popular. All we can say is that we love each other and we don’t care about what people say,” Muridzo says.
Bev Showing Her Silky Dancing Skills 

Bev, who said she never got any attention from her illegitimate lover after her recent miscarriage, will be angered by Muridzo’s actions.

Though many were made to believe Muridzo was the man responsible for Bev’s pregnancy, the Dherira producer resisted attempts to solicit his comments regarding the illicit affair, electing to keep quiet.

While Bev was all over the media fronts, Muridzo maintained his cool, but now sensing the matter has been put to rest, he hit back through social media.

Fans were efficient to comment on the love-filled video post.

“Akazodzidza. Zvemabhebhi hazvibhadare (He’s learnt his lesson that having girlfriends doesn’t benefit him at all),” commented Jackie Napanashe Rhatisai.

Some further scrutinised the video, realizing that there was a slight resemblance between Mai Keketso and Bev, saying they thought it was Bev on the teaser.

Bee Tee Shawneewah wrote: “Thought it was Bev. Wow!! Andy has the same taste – Mai Mai Keketso and Bev look alike.” – Chronicle/


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