Batai Munhu: Sulu Chimbetu Fails to Pay Maintenance Again

Two months ago he appeared in court over maintenance default - and recently Dendera crooner Sulumani Chimbetu was back at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

On this instance he was charged with failing to pay $800 maintenance for the upkeep of his two minor children.

Chimbetu (35), who pleaded not guilty to the charge, was released out of custody to June 8 for trial on $50 bail by Harare magistrate Aniah Ndiraya. himbetu’s former wife Marygold Rutendo Mutemasango is the complainant.
Chimbetu and his Wife Linda

Allegations are that on December 19 last year at the Harare Civil Court, Chimbetu was ordered to pay $800 every month as maintenance fees towards the upkeep of his two minor children Simeon and Sulumani Junior.

In April this year, Chimbetu was dragged to court by Mutemasango after defaulting on the January and February payments.

Appearing before Harare magistrate Joy Chikodzore yesterday, Mutemasango confirmed that Chimbetu had met his end of the bargain and as such there was no longer any need to go to trial.

Chimbetu, who was represented by Simudzai Machingauta, had been granted bail at the initial hearing on Tuesday. According to prosecutor Devoted Nyagano, on December 20, last year, Chimbetu was ordered to pay $800 as maintenance towards the upkeep of his two minor children.

The money was supposed to be paid with effect from December 31, 2016 and deposited into Mutemasango’s bank account. - Newsday/Online Sources


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