Cannibals Defence: Armed Cops Deployed to Guard Ssemwanga’s Grave

Forget the rumours circulating on social media about Ivan   being alive. 

Let’s all put the gibberish aside and accept the Tycoon is dead and gone.

While at the burial yesterday, Tycoon and Businessman Godfrey Kirumira jokingly said that Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave should be guarded for at least two weeks.
Ssemwanga's Grave

This should be said because of cannibals and people who might want to dig the grave to get the money that members of Rich Gang splashed in the grave.

False rumours were still making rounds on social media that Interpol was digging Ssemwanga’s grave to confirm he is dead or he is not. 

This is not true as security was deployed at the graveyard to guard whatever would be done around for three months. 

Three armed Policemen were last night deployed at the grave yard as two are given chairs to seat around the grave while one of them is supposed to move around all of the time.

Ssemwanga passed on last Thursday and was laid to rest on Tuesday with thousands of people escorted him amidst tears. - Online Sources


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