'Chocolate Box': 'I was Fired Because I am Gay'

Mandla Magazi said he can’t provide for his family any more.

He claims he was fired because he is gay. The man (34) from Protea Glen in Soweto used to work at Fedics in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

“Since I started working there last year, I was made fun of and called names such as Sis Bhuti and Chocolate Box. The workers said I was disgusting and sick,” claimed Mandla.
Somizi has Been Vocal About Gay Rights

“But I always remained professional and treated everyone with respect. I also did my job to the best of my ability.”

On 14 April, Mandla was allegedly told by his manager he was being fired because his sexuality was chasing away clients.

“I was told I was denting the company’s name because I’m gay. It’s sad that there are people who still discriminate against others, even though we live in a democratic country.”

Royce van der Zwan, spokesman for Fedics, told Daily Sun Mandla’s dismissal was performance based. “I can confirm that Mandla was not fired because of his sexuality.

“We can’t disclose the reasons for his dismissal, but this is a professional company and we comply with labour laws. We followed all the right procedures and gave him the necessary warnings before he was fired.”

He said Mandla was called to an internal disciplinary hearing, where the decision was taken. “He has appealed the decision, which we fully support, as he has every right to do so.” - Daily Sun


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