Citizen Arrest: Drunk, Rogue Cop Identified, in Trouble

Harare – A viral video of a drunken and out-of-sorts member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) shot by concerned citizens has landed the culprit in trouble with the force.

The exclusive video portrays the cop clad in police regalia, struggling to even wipe his dusty and injured face. In the end, he opts to sleep on the ground, oblivious of people capturing his shameful moves.

Residents including children mocked him – calling him a ‘disgrace’ but he could do nothing due to his excessive drunken stupor.
ZRP Assault a Suspect

His actions have violated the Police Act, according to police chief national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

“We have identified the police officer and disciplinary action is going to be taken against him. As I speak, he is in deep trouble.

“It is an offence under the Police Act for a police officer to get drunk to the extent where he cannot be capable of controlling himself.”

Charamba however refused to disclose the officer’s base station.

ZRP officers have been found in compromising positions recently, with some punished, though the results are not made public. – The Herald/Online Sources


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