Cristiano Ronaldo: I’m Not a Devil

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken aim at those who have criticised him recently by stating “I’m not a devil…which is what many people say I am.”

Ronaldo has netted 14 goals in his last 9 appearances including giving Los Blancos the lead in Sunday’s 2-0 victory at Malaga which secured La Liga.

“People talk about me and don’t know s**t,” Ronaldo was quoted as saying by Marca. 
"I am Not a Devil..."

“I don’t watch TV because if I did I wouldn’t have much of a life, that’s how often they talk about me in a bad way, both in football and outside of football, they talk about me as if I were a delinquent.

“When people talk about me they get it wrong, inside and outside of football – football critics don’t worry me because I know doing the analysis, people will shut up.

“They always have two stones in their hands when I speak. I am not a saint, but I’m not a devil either, which is what many people say I am. 

“I’m very happy after a spectacular end to the season, the best in many seasons, because of smart management, the help of our Coach, and the contributions of those who played less, it was a squad title.” - Online Sources


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