Election Watch: Zim 2018 Polls Coming in July or August

Harare – In a year’s time, Zimbabweans will go to the polls to elect a new government.

Pronouncing a probable date, Veritas in its Election Watch Series, says the date will be between 23 July and 21 August.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
“The polling date is the key date which determines when all the other electoral process must take place. So we begin with how the polling date is fixed. The polling date of the next general election is determined by what the Constitution says about the duration of Parliament,” announced Veritas.
Voting Stations in Zimbabwe 

The watchdog adds, “Parliament is elected for a five-year term which runs from the date on which the President-elect is sworn in and assumes office. The President was sworn in on the 22nd August 2013, so the five-year term of Parliament ends at midnight on August 21st 2018.

Therefore, the earliest date for polling is 23rd July 2018. The last date is 21st August 2018, while polling can take place over one day.

Proclamation must be gazetted between 30 May and 9 July.

Based on the latest polling date of 21st August 2018, the Proclamation must be gazetted in the period 30th May to 9th July 2018

In case of the president’s term being prematurely terminated, the Constitution is clear.

The Acting President – the Vice-President who last acted as President takes over until his party [ZANU-PF] notifies the Speaker of Parliament who it has nominated as a successor [notification must be within 90 days].

The other alternative speaks of a Substantive President.

A Substantive President – the nominee notified to the Speaker by ZANU-PF must assume office as President by taking the Presidential oath of office within the next 48 hours before the Chief Justice.

The new President then holds office until the swearing-in of the person elected at the next general election in July or August 2018.


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