Emotional Weapons: Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

Being physically hurt by your partner is a very clear sign of being in an abusive relationship. But there are many ways an abuser can inflict pain that don’t involve fists.

Although women can also be abusers, most often men are the ones doing the abusing. Every abuser has as his aim one thing and one thing only: to dominate and control the person he’s abusing.

There are many emotional weapons an abuser can use to make a person feel powerless and useless. These include using fear, guilt and shame to wear down the abused person and keep her under his thumb.
Abuse Comes in Many Forms

What can make things really confusing is that abusers often don’t take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they blame the victim for their cruel behaviour. A man may say, “It’s your fault I beat you because you flirted with that man.”

Here are some signs of being in an abusive relationship. If they seem familiar to you, it’s time for a long hard look at your relationship.

Does your partner:

- Scream, yell and threaten you with violence?

- Mock and sneer at all your activities and plans?

- Tell you your opinions are rubbish?

- Humiliate you in front of other people?

- Control your movements by making you ask permission to go anywhere?

- Express a lot of jealousy?

- Force you to have se.x?

If so, take back your life! You deserve to be in a relationship where you are supported and celebrated – and feel safe. - Online Sources


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