Fong Kong: Fake Doctor Operated on Many Innocent Patients

He worked at more than 60 medical institutions from Cape Town to Limpopo, conducting operations and prescribing medicine.

The man was swift in his operations, and nobody suspected him for many years, but an ID fraud case led cops straight to him, and the fong kong doctor was bust in his scrubs.

And now police are also looking for his girlfriend, after she allegedly tried to help him escape from prison – with another ID trick!
Fake Doctor Busted

Police said the man, who had worked as a doctor at medical institutions in Cape Town, Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga, had never set foot in a medical school.

The cops got on his trail when two people, one of them a doctor, laid ID fraud complaints in 2012, claiming their IDs were being used by the fong kong doctor. Police bust him and he was kept in Nigel Prison, awaiting trial.

It appears the alleged fraudster thought he could outsmart the law again, and he allegedly stole the ID of another prisoner who was about to be released on bail.

Police spokesman Captain Piet Rossouw said the man was allegedly being helped by his girlfriend. Rossouw said the woman visited the fake doctor in prison.

“During the visit they tried to pay bail for a prisoner who was about to be released on bail. It was then discovered that the fake doctor had impersonated another inmate and they were caught out. The fake doctor was taken to another prison.”

Rossouw asked the public to help police trace the wanted woman, Antoinette Khalumbo. He said Khalumbo is Zimbabwean and used to live in Grootvlei, Mpumalanga.

“She is the co-conspirator in the attempted escape and has been on the run since,” said Rossouw. - Daily Sun


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