Food Speaks: Chef’s Advice on Events, Diet and Recipes

Harare – “Food speaks. When preparing food, ingredients should be cut and prepared properly. Never hurt ingredients. Don’t overcook and make sure people eat your food with their eyes first,” declares well-travelled catering entrepreneur and international chef – Munyaradzi Denhere.

Retaining over a decade of experience within the versatile food industry, preparing and serving assorted dishes on global platforms – chef Denhere has become a catering authority.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Seeing people enjoying their food wets his culinary appetite – now a part of his daily life.
Food Must Speak to the Eyes First 

“I get my inspiration by watching people enjoying their food. I love trying new dishes and love people to try different cuisines from other nations,” confides Denhere.

After attaining global exposure in the United Kingdom, South Africa among other nations – he finally relocated home to launch his catering company – Chefs on the Move.

Possessed with such immense exploits, Denhere confidently offers sound guidance to people preparing any event, and those willing to pursue the demanding profession.

As the economic challenges continue, coupled with the rise of food-related diseases, the assertive chef endorses organic foods found around the country.

“I recommend organic foods found everywhere on the farms including brown rice, sweet potatoes, game meat among others. A dish made up of these is a top drawer meal for a balanced and healthy meal with all balanced nutrients,” he says.

He expertly dissects traditional and foreign dishes.

“Traditional dish is made up of organic game meat found in the vast forests of Africa and European dish comprises of non-organic ingredients that are produced in the factories.”

Knowing the person well before hiring a caterer is a core consideration, says Denhere.

“One needs to understand the history of the chef before hiring one. Understand the level of the chef before one is impressed by crockery and marketing language that can be used by caterers. This makes the client know to what extend their expectations can be met before hiring.”

For caterers, the chef who retains a wide collection of recipes, appeals for thorough food knowledge to serve clients well.

“A caterer needs to know and understand the nutritional value of foods and balancing of dishes before writing a menu. This will normally link with a good menu and an understanding of side effects on a ‘too much of this’ also helps one to come up with great food on a function.”

Though fast foods outlets are making inroads into the country, sadza – the staple diet remains the favourate for majority of citizens.

“Our national dish can be said to be sadza and beef stew, simply because almost 95 percent of households prepare this almost daily between lunch and dinner, and it has been there for centuries in Zimbabwe,” the chef mentions.

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