Jilted Man: Lover Sends N.ude Pictures to Parents

A married cop believed to be attached to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission team is threatening to expose his 19-year-old lover’s nu_de photographs to her parents after they separated.

Moses Murungweni could not stomach parting ways with Tanaka Dimingo, an A-level student in Bindura. The student is losing sleep since she is being forced to stay in the affair or risk her nu_de photographs being posted to her parents.

Murungweni told H-Metro that he met Tanaka, 19, at a night club in Bindura and she started sending him her nu_de photographs, an allegation she vehemently denied saying the former is after ruining her life.
Jilted Lover Revenges 

“This lady leaves home during the night to have fun in pubs and I met her one day and she is now sending her nu_de pictures to me,” said Murungweni.

Tanaka denied visiting public places as alleged saying Murungweni is after tarnishing her image after refusing to stay with him before sitting for her examinations.

“Murungweni is so cruel, he is a police officer under anti-corruption section but he is proving that he is not learned enough,” said Tanaka.

“He is the one who demanded my nu_de photographs and I posted them to him since we were lovers from last year.

“He started to ignore my messages after I refused to stay with him as his wife before writing my examinations. I do not know how he managed to access my parents’ contact numbers. On daily basis, he threatens to post the nu_de photographs to my parents.

“How can I study well when someone is threatening to expose me to my parents who are paying school fees? To me, that’s being cruel, is all."

“Allow me to send chats between me and him over the threats I am talking about and it is so irritating and ruinous, do not take him seriously please and spare me from bad publicity.

“As we speak I am worried if the nude photographs haves reached my parents, they are so strict that I am deciding not to go home ndinonorohwa zvakasimba,” said Tanaka begging H-Metro not to publish the story. - H metro


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