Julius Malema: ‘De Klerk, Apartheid Criminal, Zuma Irritating’

Harare – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema rarely utters anything positive about anyone, anywhere – well – except himself.

Malema who was influential in former President Thabo Mbeki’s 2008 downfall, branded former South African President FW De Klerk ‘an apartheid criminal’ who should not mingle with Mbeki.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Three former presidents, Mbeki, De Klerk and Kgalema Motlanthe were sharing the same platform to discuss South Africa’s pertinent problems.
Julius Malema

“I saw today that Mbeki and Motlanthe are meeting with De Klerk saying they are finding solutions to SA. By recognising De Klerk, Mbeki and Motlanthe make a mistake that will lead to white racists thinking they still have a place in SA,” EFF tweeted.

He added that failure to punish apartheid perpetrators has made them proud.

De Klerk has however, denied ever condoning apartheid era murders or any other human right violations.

Since his dismissal from ANC, Malema has never ceased to attack his former boss – Zuma.

“Zuma is not a problem. He is just an irritation. The real problem is white monopoly capital which we will confront on removing Zuma. ANC is in the business of pleasing white people. They do everything to please whites,” Malema was widely quoted by the media.

According to Malema, ANC pleases white South Africans, urging landless blacks to occupy land.

“ANC is in the business of pleasing white people. They do everything to please whites,” claimed Malema.

In 2016, Malema face two counts of contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act for his comments made to supporters in Newcastle and Bloemfontein.

EFF has maintained that the charges were meat to distract the robust political turncoat from his political thrust.

He said Zuma had a 20-year plan to avoid the 783 charges of corruption still outstanding against him.

Zuma’s insistence to remain in power, despite vocal calls for his departure will create a monarchy that must be dismantled, postulates Malema.

“Zuma has a 20-year plan on how to avoid the 783 charges of corruption. We must fight this – avoid SA from being a monarchy. Edward Zuma went to disrupt the Nkandla ANC branch meeting four weeks ago fighting to be a chairperson. Why? He’s going to lead ANC,” he said. – www.tinzwei.com/Online Sources


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