Man’s Friend: Hungry, Old Man Eats with Dogs

Man and dogs are inseparable, but sharing food is not one of the common traits.

For Phillimon Williams aged 77, it has become a daily survival tactic. He is not only friends with dogs, but also eats with them.

This is not because he prepares a meal for them. It’s because they dig in rubbish bins together for food.
Man's Best Friend

Phillimon claimed his son Joseph Sehole aged 24 took both his identity card and Sassa cards (social security).

He said he remembers the day he saw him walking out of his shack with the documents. And when he asked his son why he was taking them, Joseph apparently told him to shut up or he would beat him.

The old man, who lives with his son and his son’s girlfriend in extension 15, Mamelodi East, Tshwane, said he just kept quiet because he was afraid.

His visit to Mamelodi East Police Station was disappointing, the cops allegedly told him to apply for a new ID.

“A woman cop told me to be a man and reduce the queue by going to apply for a new ID, I could not believe it,” he said.

He then went to Home Affairs. “The officials told me that their machines could not read my fingerprints and gave me a letter to go to their head office but I don’t have money for transport.

“Now I live like a tenant in my own yard and I suspect he is withdrawing money with my Sassa card. I have been begging since January and I think people are tired of me asking for money,” said the destitute old man.

When Daily Sun visited Phillimon at his home, Joseph inquired why the reporters were there.

“He must have misplaced his cards in his shack. Don’t believe everything he tells you,” he said.

Mamelodi East police spokesman, Captain Michael Mbewe, promised to investigate.

“Usually elderly people are prioritised so it’s strange that he was turned away. We will visit him at his home.” – Daily Sun


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