Myth or Fact: Can Donkey Skin Delay Menopause?

Donkeys are kept for draught power, but thieves in Limpopo have discovered a new business venture for their skins.

Makgabo Semenya aged 56 of Ga-Nkidikitlana, in Moletji has lost four donkeys in a short space of time. These were her only means of transport and business that she inherited from his late husband.

And then in Burgersfort recently, three men were spotted killing and skinning a donkey, a rare sight because the meat is not a delicacy there. And police investigations have discovered a bizarre motive for the increase in donkey thefts.
Donkey Theft has Increase in Limpopo Province

It is alleged donkey skin is allegedly in demand in China, where it is believed to have medicinal properties that helps delay menopause. The hunters sell the skins to Chinese men, who transport them home.

Police spokesman Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe could not confirm why donkeys are being stolen, despite the increase in the number of cases opened in different parts of the province.

“We appeal to our people to call the police while these barbaric acts are taking place. The three suspects are on the run. We have never experienced anything like this as a province. We are still investigating to try and find out why the donkeys are being stolen,” said Ngoepe.

10 menopause myths
  1. Menopause always happens in your 50s
  2. Menopause is a short event
  3. Every woman has bad hot flushes
  4. HRT is dangerous
  5. Menopause symptoms are just physical
  6. Menopause makes you fat
  7. It means the end of your s.ex life
  8. Using vaginal lubricants will help enormously as will using HRT
  9. You don't need contraception
  10. There's no upside to menopause. – Daily Sun/Online Sources


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