Not Joking: School Accepting Goats as Fees

Harare – Going a step further after the advice by minister of education, Lazarus Dokora to establish a selling point for livestock paid as school fees, St Anthony Zvidhuri Secondary School in Hwedza are accepting goats as payment.

After the pronouncement by the minister, goat memes invaded all social media platforms, though the move was meant as a relief for the prevailing cash crisis in the country.

The rural school is accepting livestock, and the goats could be seen roaming around the premises at will.
Goat Payments now Accepted 

“When we heard about minister Dokora’s idea regarding livestock and tuition fees, we were not surprised. It was not news to us,” said headmistress, Rutendo Mwaramba to Sunday Mail.

“To us, the jokes that circulated on social media (regarding goats) were not funny because that is our everyday life; that’s how we have derived sustenance over the years,” she added.

Goats can be sold easily, often at a profit as most parents fail to pay the $20 tuition per term.

“The reality is that the buyers of the goats are teachers from both the primary and secondary schools. Once a goat has been bought, we then get the cash and receipt it and everyone is happy.”

The innovative school has constructed a goat pen, while one of the parents cares for the goats in lieu for fees.

The school has built a goat pen, and keeps a separate register for those on “goat currency”.

“With the current situation in the country, we have to come up with innovative ways to develop and keep children in school. Those who can afford to joke about such matters know that they can afford to get cash,” mentioned the headmistress.

A parent has welcomed the move.

“The system is very helpful to those of us who cannot afford to pay tuition fees for our children in cash. Goats are easy to get compared to cattle. “However, there is need for formal markets; markets that will regulate prices,” said Chenjerai Kunonga, a parent.

Parents have combined forces to build the school with 93 students enrolled. In 2016, it attained the sixth highest past rate for O level. .” – Mail


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