Routine Search: Phones, Cash & Bank Cards Seized in Prison

Sharp objects, cellphones, earphones, and money were among the items seized during a raid at the Barberton prison yesterday, the department of correctional services said.

The routine search was conducted in the early hours of Friday morning and intended to stop the smuggling of contraband, spokesperson Mesia Hlungwani said.

A total of 19 cellphones, 15 cellphone chargers, 15 earphones, 13 SIM cards, seven sharp objects, two bank cards, dagga, and R497.60 in cash were confiscated.
Cellphones Seized in Prison Raid

The department would determine if the cellphones had been used to conduct criminal activities. The confiscated cash would be put into the National Treasury's revenue account.

People were urged not to help offenders by smuggling goods into prison. Doing so was a punishable offence and offenders could face criminal charges.

"The department acknowledges there are some rotten apples that have to be rooted out of the department, who are helping offenders smuggle contraband," he said.

"Allowing contraband into our centres threatens the freedom of good citizens, therefore we will work tirelessly until our centres become clean," said Barberton correctional facilities' area commissioner Solly Netshivhazwaulu.

The Barberton Medium B prison accommodates 965 offenders, most of them serving life sentences. - Daily Sun


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