Sister Act: Catholic Nun Snatches Husband for S.ex Only

Harare – The popular rendition: “every woman needs a man” is getting a clear meaning, after a Roman Catholic sister confessed to an adulterous affair with a married man.

The 38-year-old nun, who is also a nurse admitted knowing that her lover was married, but she just needed s.ex only, nothing more.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Though she had no intensions of ruining Philip Dzingai’s marriage, Emmaculate Samukange, believed she was in love with the man, despite her vows to celibacy according to her Catholic beliefs.
Roman Catholic Nuns Swear to Celibacy 

“I am aware that Phillip is married and it is true that I am having an affair with him. I am a Roman Catholic sister so what I do does not allow me to be his second wife,” confessed the sister during an interview with H metro.

The two have been in the extramarital relationship for four since, and the sister could not let go her first-ever lover.

“I am in a relationship with him because I failed to resist sexual temptation; I don’t wish to break his marriage, all I want from him is se.x. I started dating him in 2013 and since then I have tried to let him go but I have failed to do so,” added the nurse, saying it was love at first sight.

The accused man, Philip dismissed the alleged affair, and hung up on the reporter.

“There is nothing like that going on,” he said.

Numerous attempts to end the affair were met with stiff resistance, according to a close family member.

“As a family we have had numerous meetings with Phillip but we have not been able to convince him to be faithful to his wife. It seems as if they are inseparable; each time you mention anything to do with Emmaculate he changes his temper and starts to be violent,” the source mentioned.

Emmaculate says she never met Philip’s wife, but she is convinced, she now knows of the prolonged affair.

The nun could face a possible backlash from the church for her transgressions. – Metro


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