'True Love': Woman Drowns Son to Please Boyfriend

Harare – How far can a woman go to show her true love? Well – for Joyce Madzimure, she thought by drowning her three-year-old son, Amos Chipare, her boyfriend would love her more.

After falling in love two years ago, the couple decided to kill the toddler – Farai Sigauke for disturbing their affair.
Woman Drowns Child to Please Boyfriend 

The deliberate death was kept secret until the affair went sour a month ago, leading to a confession by the woman who had reconciled with her husband.

Joyce and Amos connived to drown Farai after agreeing he was disturbing them from enjoying their affair.

The case was referred to the High Court by Masvingo magistrate, and the duo will face a murder charge.

After the reconciliation, the husband asked about his son’s whereabouts, and the wife finally confessed to the crime.

The wife pleaded for forgiveness, asking the hubby to keep it a secret, however the husband insisted on reporting the matter to the police, leading to the culprits’’ arrest.

Fishermen on Mutirikwi River retrieved Farai’s body. – www.tinzwei.com/B Metro


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