Bedroom Flop: Man Fails in Bed, Kills Wife in Rage

Despite repeating the act five times, Ndabayezulu Ncube usually got thumbs down for his attempts to please his wife, leading to a gruesome murder in a feat of rage.

Unsatisfied, his Nokuthula Khumalo opted to go for celibacy since she was not getting enough from her man, but this intimacy embargo irked Ncube who tried in vain to please his spouse.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Reports say Ncube demanded intercourse even though his wife deemed him a failure during the act. Incensed by the demeaning gesture, he struck her with a hoe, and she died instantly.
Many Reasons for Flopping in Bed for Men

“The couple had arguments and fights in the past days because Ncube’s wife was always complaining that he could not satisfy her in bed, so maybe she thought it was wise for her not to sleep with him totally,” revealed a reliable source.

Confirming the death, local police said the culprit is in custody.

“On 19 June a man called Ndabayezulu attacked and struck his wife two times with a hoe on her face leading to her death after she deprived the killer of conjugal rights. He is remanded to 20 July where he will appear in court for trial,” said Philisani Ndebele from the police.

There are many reasons for failing to satisfy your spouse.

Just like artists and public-speakers suffer from 'stage fear' – men also suffer the same performance anxiety by setting false standards. Excessive smoking influences the sperm count as well as the quality of erections, according to research.

Premature e.jaculation is the inability to prolong the eja.culation may cause havoc inside your bedroom. A stressful lifestyle may damage your performance. Er.ectile dysfunction and medical conditions such as diabetes may be disastrous if not attended.


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