Bulawayo Embargo: Jah Prayzah, Winky D and Macheso ‘Banned’

Bulawayo – Crowd pullers and top-rated entertainers Jah Prayzah, Winky D and Alick Macheso have been blacklisted in Bulawayo. 

The trio can no longer perform at Amphitheatre, setting a collision course with fans and music promoters for this seemingly harsh act. 

With immediate effect, those musicians that have not made prior bookings for the venue are banned, amid complaints of noise from residents close to Amphitheatre whenever the three musicians will be performing, says council officials.
Alick Macheso

The move by the city council however, drew the ire of promoters who argued that the city council was just being elitist and was not considering the revenues that the artistes were bringing each time they booked the venue for their shows.

“We have banned all-night musical shows from the venue. Artistes can book the venue for afternoon performances up to 10pm. But Jah Prayzah, Alick Macheso and Winky D have been completely banned from holding shows at the venue. They can come and look for other places to perform in the city but not at the Amphitheatre, said a council sources speaking to Sunday Mail. 

Residents in the vicinity have raise concerns.

“Residents who live close to the venue have raised concerns on the amount of noise when the three artistes perform and we just have to give them an ear too. We want the money but at times it’s not all about money but also considering the concerns of the neighbourhood,” added the source.

The ban, he added, was with immediate effect.

“Those that have made bookings earlier could perform but we are not going to allow new bookings for musicians to perform all-night gigs,” he added.

Promoters have raised their concerns, knowing the ban will affect their pockets.

“What has changed about Amphitheatre and why now? We grew up when the venue was there and when such equally good artistes as Thomas Mapfumo, Oliver Mtukudzi, Simon Chimbetu, Lovemore Majaivana and others were performing there, we never heard about any ban, why now and why the particular three. Where were these complaining residents all along?” queried Terminator Makoni of 2 Kings Entertainment.

He added the City Hall was too expensive and the City Hall car park need more security details.

Chipaz of Chipaz Promotions also weighed in saying the development was a way of killing the entertainment industry in the city and the country at large. 

“We believe the venue was constructed for that purpose. Is the city council admitting a town planning blunder because we thought the venue’s location was convenient for that? Besides I am told there is only one white resident who has been complaining and so the city council decides to sacrifice revenue on the altar of serving one person,” said Chipaz who usually brings Macheso in town.

The city council source was however, adamant saying the issue was already a closed chapter. An official comment could not be obtained from the council. – Sunday Mail


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