Camrail Board: First Official Appearance at Eséka Catastrophe Site

After completely reshuffled at the end of a Board meeting held on 9 June 2017, the new management team of Camrail, company owned by the Bolloré group, holding the concession contract for the Cameroonian railway went on a mission.

The board visited the site on 20 June to review the railway catastrophe which occurred on 21 October 2016, in Eséka, in the Central region.
The Eseka Catastrophe

According to Jean Pierre Morel, the new MD of Camrail, who was accompanied by the two deputy MD and the Chairman of the Board, this visit to the site of the accident, which officially claimed the lives of 79 people and left 600 injured, was not only meant to meditate, pay tribute to the victims.

But it was also to thank the local population, traditional authorities, medical teams, order and security forces; for the work carried out during the train catastrophe on 21 October 2016.

Camrail’s top management also seized the opportunity of this first official appearance, to donate a kit of medical equipment to the Eséka hospital, whose consumables and materials had already been supplemented by the railway company on the day of the accident, in order to better care for the victims. - Online Sources


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