Dear Men: Women are not Souvenirs, they have Feelings Too

Harare – It is a tale that has been reported elsewhere, not for its merit but cruelty I suppose. A man marries, and soon after departs for work, wherever that is. He expects his spouse to practice celibacy, while he is safely tugged in a far-off land.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
It would be fair to both parties if the man remains faithful as he expects his partner to be. But in most cases, the opposite transpires – the man usually enjoys escapades with other women at the expense of his faithful wife. 
Your Wife has Needs Too

Before, our grandparents would travel to the city, leaving our grandmothers to repel any possible suitors. It suited them then due to the setup in the cities, which normally sidelined women to rural settings due to restricted accommodation.

But once in a while, some failed the prolonged test.

Years ago, a certain woman was left by the husband journeyed to the city to seek ‘green pastures’. Back in the village, the young brother was overcome by lust and ‘conned’ his brother’s wife into submission. A son was born, resulting in strained lifetime relations between the two.

Now, as you read this, a US based man Kelvin Tsopotsi is reportedly admitted to hospital, after his spouse Kuziva was impregnated by another man – exactly the fear that most men in that situation try to avoid or even imagine.

Enter family: “As a family, we are not happy with what Kuziva did to my brother. If their marriage ended as she claims, where is the evidence? She was just after my brother’s hard earned cash and as we speak my brother is disturbed very much by what she did.”

After the nuptial, according to the brother, Kuziva was supposed to stay with the husband’s family, after a warning of possible infidelity. Here, readers it has to be noted that the dangers of infidelity if ever it exists could even arise within the home, in the comfort of her keepers like in the above example.

His reason for leaving the wife at home are still concealed, but was it not advisable to marry closer to his new home to deflect such temptation. Just a wild thought. Whatever reasons for the temporary separation, the man has to know the wife has needs too, yes sexual needs. She is not a robot.

The accused wife insists she had divorced her husband so she was now single. She had gone through torture of being single and being guarded by family members against adultery.

Dear men: Your wives require more than gifts and pampering – they are not souvenirs, they have feelings, just like you – and you cannot suppress them for long. With relics you polish and admire – your wife needs what she came for – please give her all the attention.

Never pretend to be busy to substitutes your manly duties.


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