Dear Pastor: Do You Know the Role of Spiritual Fathers?

Cape Town – In 2006, a prophetic word instructed Prophet Brian Mundopa to relocate to South Africa in order to receive his breakthrough.

The same year, he headed the call, leaving for Johannesburg.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
“In 2006 I received a prophetic word from my spiritual father Apostle Pride Sibiya encouraging me to go to South Africa. He said that my breakthrough was in that country because of forthcoming soccer World Cup, that would create some job opportunities” he recites.
Prophet Brian Mundopa In Cape Town , South Africa

Eleven years later, he leads one of the largest growing Glory Ministries assemblies South Africa – Cape Town assembly.

Prophet Mundopa’s pastoral journey was not devoid of challenges, but through the guidance of Apostle Sibiya, he managed to overcome.

“To be a minister without a spiritual father you will lack spiritual guidance. I had challenges in ministry but I ran to my spiritual father for guidance. I have seen some pastors called by God but due to lack of spiritual guidance they don't go anywhere in the ministry,” mentions the Prophet.

The Chitungwiza-born pastor continues, “Some end up committing adultery, whilst some are more concerned about their fame, the love of money, the love of women, the lack of humility and forgetting God has called them.”

Prophet Mundopa’s Christian calling is traced back to Zengeza, where Apostle Sibiya founded the ministry in 2001.

“God spoke to me in a dream in 2002 in Zimbabwe, and told me I would go out of the country and preach the gospel. I tried to resist but the burden was too much for me until, I told other worshipers about my vision,” recalls the Prophet.

Another dream in 2002 transformed his life.

“The same year in 2002 I had a dream where I saw my spiritual father Apostle Sibiya praying for me. I saw a bright light and the five-fold ministry appearing on the walls, though I didn't understand it, but I knew God was calling me.”

He started preaching and deliverances. After relocating Cape Town, he started an intercession group, were he ministered prophetically.

“The same year I was directed by God to another church where God was using me in the prophetic and people called me Prophet even though I was not yet ordained,” he said.

Glory Ministries became a reality in 2011.

“In 2011 we started to meet in Cape Town Gardens Centre in the open as Glory Ministries Cape Town once a month. Apostle Sibiya allowed me to open the Cape Town Assembly, launched on July 8, 2012,” he said.

The assembly celebrates 5 years of existence, while God has used Prophet Mundopa to perform deliverance and healing miracles.

“I once prayed for a South African lady who was crippled for a long time. She was in a wheelchair. She was delivered and was healed through my prayers. Thereafter, I saw our numbers increasing at church because of that incident,” he remembers.


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