Dust to Dust: Consider these 5 Factors When Choosing Your Funeral Plan

The law of nature does not discriminate: every living organism must die, including you. Despite all the pains associated with funerals, it will definitely come, and when it does, you need to be ready for it. And just like a home, motorcar, educational and lifetime policy, a funeral plan is a life expense worth considering, now.

Funeral plans come in all forms, although duration of payment, terms and conditions, services provided and any other intricate details may differ. But most of all – do a thorough and wide research before deciding on the right product and provider.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Please read on to find out factors to consider during your investigation, and if you have made the right choice for your loved ones when you finally depart – after all, they are the ones who will endure the worries, not you if you never plan ahead.
Carefully Choose Your Funeral Policy

Your provider must be a registered operator with the funeral industry regulator. Every registered provider has met set standards, financial obligations and code of practice as required by the industry. This will also offer you protection plus dispute resolution in case of any problems arising. Always ask for registration and licence number from your provider.

Inflation protection
Policy holders often have savings set aside for funeral costs. However, with prevailing low interest rates, and rising funeral costs, the money saved could come short in years to come. Some offer lump payments after your death, but do not cover other costs, leaving your family disadvantaged.

If you encounter regular payments, always contact your provider to find a suitable payment plan, so that the funeral cover remains active.

Monthly budget
Take this into consideration: How much can you afford to pay and how often? This make you select an affordable and comfortable package that will not lapse after you have failed to fulfill the monthly obligation. You can to upgrade to a better plan later, but it is important to start the journey now, rather than regret later.

Consider how many people will be covered with the policy, without extensively cutting back on other expenses, and avoid multiple policies.

Compare and contrast
Always compare what is included in each plan before settling for one. While most plans offer basic plans, always evaluate which one suits your pocket and requirements. Today’s funeral policies offer extra benefits including: transport for mourners, monthly payouts and groceries for the family. 

Unemployment and maternity benefits which can benefit the holder in times of need are also on offer.

Decide your sendoff
It is possible to decide the type of funeral you will have before you even die. By selecting a suitable funeral provider, you decide the type of grave, type of burial, location and even catering for congregates. This will help give closure to the family knowing they afforded you your final wishes.

And most of all: always make sure your funeral policy is up-to-date. Beneficiary information, contact details, and people insured are updated, ready for claims to be released fast when death comes.


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