Gambling Addicts: Man Loses Wife on Uefa Finals Bet

Two soccer gambling addicts and soccer fanatics found themselves on the wrong side of the law when one wagered his wife in a bet over the match between Real Madrid and Juventus. 

The other man, the winner of the bet, was punished for trying to collect his bet, the other man's wife. This was reported by two Zimbabwean tabloids. 
Sports Betting has Become a Lifestyle in Zimbabwe 

The tabloids reported that somewhere in Zimbabwe Charles Jambaya, 26-year-old man of Mkandapi village, apparently got carried away on June 3, when Real Madrid met Juventus in the UEFA Champion League final.

At the pub where Jambaya and company were imbibing and watching the game, Jambaya entered into a bet with 30-year old Eugene Gumbo, on who would win the final.

Jambaya was convinced Juventus would win the game. His bet strengthened perhaps by his faith in his team. - Online Sources


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