I Do: Do You Want to be the Next Millionaire?

The world has almost 15 million millionaires. U.S and Canada has more than 5 million millionaires. By 2014, Africa had 169 000 millionaires, and in ten years, an extra 53 percent will emerge, according to the Knight Frank Wealth Report of 2015.

But this article is not about the world’s richest, it is for you. And if you are diligent to follow these steps through, you could also become part of the 15 million-plus world richest people. The choice is now yours.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
As you carefully study these verified tips, you have already started on your path to attain a millionaire mindset.
Becoming the Next Millionaire is no Easy Journey

Follow the money

The prevailing world economy does not allow you to save to a millionaire status, unless you are a top manager for a blue chip entity. Firstly, focus on increasing your income in increments, and repeating it. Develop a system to follow the money, and it will force you to control revenue and see more opportunities.

Don’t show off, show up

Let’s assume you get $10 000 today, what would be your first move? Buy a Car, go on vacation or probably throw a bash for your hangers-on? According to Dr Sacrifice Chirisa, he had to sacrifice his luxury car for a battered jalopy in order to raise capital for his business.

In short: become synonymous for your work ethics rather than trinkets that you buy.

Save to invest

The only reason to save money is to invest 10 percent of your income, not spending. Create secured, fixed accounts, and never use the money even in emergencies. Yes, even on funeral or medical expenses. If you follow this persistently, it will force you to continue increasing your income.

Investment is your own mind, resources, ideas, financial and spiritual input, confides Dr Chirisa.

Stay clear of debt that won’t multiply

Make it a rule that you never use debt that won’t make you more money. Most startups fail because they invest in assets about the business, and not for the business such as cars, office furniture and expensive trinkets. However, the rich will use debt to boost investments and grow cash flows.

Only the poor use debt to but things that make rich people richer.

Getting rich is a habit
To create wealth is to cause something into existence, elaborates Dr Chirisa. “Create a system that creates wealth for yourself – don’t live from leftovers. Wealth is created over time. There is no system on earth that creates wealth in one day.” Imagine money as a jealous lover. 

Ignore it and will do likewise, or even leave for someone who prioritises it.

Money doesn’t sleep
Money doesn’t respect time – neither does it go on vacation, so you shouldn’t either. Money will always respect a consistent work ethic. Never make excuse for not working. Never wish for ‘miracle money’ or depend on luck, just outwork everyone. An entrepreneur puts an average of 85 hours or more per week. 

Learn to control your expenditure, but most of all: make money your slave.

Being poor is a choice
Poverty is demonic – it stinks. Never believe that being poor or broke is okay – it is not. “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake. But of you die poor it’s your mistake,” Bill Gates. Go on, change your life, be someone.

‘Adopt a mentor’
A minute with a millionaire will definitely make an impact in your life. Being surrounded by ordinary minds makes one ordinary as well. This limits our thinking horizons. Get your own personal millionaire, study them, and duplicate their lives. Most rich people are generous with their knowledge and resources. Surprised?  

Most of all, read, read and read more! 

Become an expert

There is no wealth creation without developing a product or service, so you must work your mind to provide a unique service. Acquire the necessary skills. Become extraordinary, develop a unique skill and become irreplaceable.

Big step
Never think small, that’s the biggest mistake you can ever make. Go for more than a million. In fact, there is no shortage of money on this planet, only a short supply of people daring to dream big. Always stay clear from small thinkers. Money does not grow on trees. Be ethical, avoid short cuts.

Never give up – and once you rich the top, pull others as well.


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