Packed Lunchbox: What You Are not Carrying Can Save Your Life?

If you spend more time away from home, chances are that you will probably eat out. And in most cases, a fast meal is an easy option, but as you will realise later on after reading this installment, a takeaway option could be fast enlarging your current problems, whether minor or greater that could be reduced by a packed meal.

The aroma of takeaways can be enticing, especially after a hard day’s work or outing. But have you ever thought of other healthy and cheap options that are always readily available. Most of us feel the allure to spend or look trendy when queuing for that greasy takeaway just like our fellow workmates or students.

Derick Matsengarwodzi 
But after weighing these workable options, you will certainly want to read on, share and even implement these beneficial preferences from food experts who always carry packed lunches, everyday.
A Packed Food Box Can save a Lot of Things

Favourate, healthy food
If you prefer fried chips and chocolate, then the difference with fast foods are not too distant. But if you are health conscious, lunchbox is an option to enjoy your specific choice of food. And a good nutrition is always a better reason to carry your lunch. Fatty foods intake will result in heart, diabetics and obesity problems that have become global, even affecting children.

Extra choice
Your favourate local cafeteria offers little or no dish options, and this offers you an opportunity to be creative, while getting choices of what goes into your lunchbox. This offers you a chance to decide you diet intake, if you dislike a certain foodstuff, it is left out completely, leaving space for those offering fiber, vitamins and minerals intake. 

Dining halls often follow weekly diets, this can be boring because it lacks creativity and reduces your appetite.

Cost and quality
Since packed food is prepared from the monthly grocery, it will surely reduce costs. Recent surveys reveal that packed lunches will save at least a dollar – however, some colleges offer discounted meals for students. Packed meals don’t have to be prepared separately – they can be taken from leftovers from a previous home meal. 

As food cost rise, food outlets often opt for lesser options, both in health and quality.

Food safety and allergies
Food packed improperly can cause health hazards, after allowing cold foods to attain room temperature, facilitating bacterial growth. Always pack food in reusable containers to reduce waste and cut costs on food wrappings. Allergies ranging from nut, gluten can be controlled well with packed lunches because you know your body better.

Lower calories and fat
Pizza, hot dogs, fried chips and chicken dominate the serving dishes in most outlets, enticing the taste buds of consumers. Sadly, unhealthy options are always the favourate and easiest choice, compared to fruits or vegetables. Giving children a homemade meal, diverts their attention from junk food, giving them nutrients you have carefully chosen and prepared.

Energy booster
A healthy mind only comes from a healthy body, that’s a fact. Performance and concentration in both schoolwork and at work is increased after a healthy meal. The Journal of School Health in 2008 concluded that: children fed on more fruits, vegetables and protein and fewer calories from fat, perform better that their peers on high fat and salt diets. 

The study sampled 5 000 school children.


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