Pamamonya Ipapo: Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa Rekindle Romance

Soul Jah Love was mobbed by fans who went on to pull him off stage when he performed at K2 Nite club in Kuwadzana recently.  

The talented chanter was supported by his ‘on-off wife Bounty Lisa, resident wheel-spinners and Kuwadzana based chanters.
Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa

As they rekindled their love, Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa could not hide their affection as they performed. Bounty Lisa also took the opportunity to clarify her position with Soul Jah Love.

“Ayiti Bounty Lisa haachayimba ndiani? Ayifunga kuti anganditorere murume wangu ndiani,” bellowed Bounty Lisa to deafening round of applause. Upon witnessing her on and off husband being pulled into the crowd by a crazy fan, she said:

“Being pulled into the crowd is lovely, it means tawadzana neKuwadzana. Soul Jah Love insists he still loves Bounty Lisa despite their split. The couple opened up during their show held at K2 nite club where they enthralled the crowd. First to open up was Bounty Lisa who could not hide her affection for Soul Jah Love. 

“I still love you Soul Jah Love,” she said, much to the delight of fans in the packed watering hole. In response, Soul Jah Love said he still loves his wife. “I love you so much. I boldly love you Bounty Lisa. I have never stopped loving you,” said the conquering family boss. - H metro


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