Security Alert: 10 Things You Must Delete on Your Social Media

An anonymous hacker recently revealed how they can easily use the information people post in an 'Ask me 10 things' style questionnaire that people post to Facebook and then tag an excessive amount of friends in.

This is because they often include the sort of details many people use for their passwords – things like their maiden name, first pet, or their favourite album, which seem harmless when in this other context of a personality list.

With billions of users, Facebook is one of the most powerful influencers in the world. But with anything that powerful, you have to be careful how you deal with it.

Even though Facebook and other platforms says protecting the privacy of its users is of utmost priority, there are certain pieces of information you might want to consider not having on there, like your home address, or where you went to school.

But for your personal security, here are 10 things you might want to delete, today:
Beware of Things You Reveal on Social Media

Your birthday is one part of an important puzzle which also includes your name and address, with which people can more easily access your bank account and personal details. More often, pin cords are created using birthdays because they are easy to remember.

Phone number
The best case scenario here is acquiring a polite admirer. Worst case scenario: a stalker who will call you incessantly, and sometimes attempt to do the extreme.

Most of your ‘friends’
Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar theorised that humans can maintain approximately 150 stable relationships, including you. After looking at 3 375 Facebook users, Dunbar found that of their Facebook friends: 4.1 were considered dependable.

And 13.6 exhibited sympathy during an “emotional crisis.” So, getting rid of the deadwood can make for a healthier interaction with social media, and you know who is your real friend rather than bragging of loads of ‘useless friends’.

Photographs of your child
It is important to pose this question: What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date? Previous generations never needed to consider this, but the advent of the internet and social media has given this question more importance, due to prevalent abuse and abductions.

Your child’s school
The number of recorded sexual offences is increasing worldwide. And consider those unreported cases. The last thing you want is to give an opportunity for a sex offender to find out where your child attends school.

Location services
Statics from TechCrunch in 2015 reported that over 500 million users accessed Facebook solely from their mobile, which means that the same number has the potential to broadcast their location online. Anyone who may or may not wish you harm now knows where you are.

Don’t tag your location
People forget the fact that tagging your location at home actually gives away your address. And for house breakers, this offers an opportunity for them to ransack your house while you are away.

Your holiday
Online website This is Money says, travelers who are burgled while they are on holiday may not get their insurance claim accepted if they posted their holiday plans on their social media accounts. So, you heard it – don’t be attempted to show off your vacation destination.

Credit card details
This is a definite no. It is never a good idea.

Boarding pass pictures
The barcode on your boarding pass is unique to you, and can be used to find the information you gave to the flight company.


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