Shocking Survey: Educated People More Likely to Have Affairs

A shocking new survey has revealed that the more education people in the United Kingdom receive, the more likely they are to have an affair.

Statistics show that more than 69 percent of women and over 65 percent of men who achieve higher education will be tempted to stray.

The group most likely to engage in an erotic affair is those who graduated from college.
Professionals are Likely to Cheat

The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to have an affair – looked into the education levels of more than 5 million of its active users to discover whether a person is more or less likely to stray based on their level of education.

The survey polled men and women from all walks of life, taking into account people who didn’t complete high school or college, those who graduated from high school, technical school, college or achieved a Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctorate.

The group most likely to engage in an erotic affair is those who graduated from college, with 36.87 percent of women and 25.23 percent of men confessing they have strayed.

A trend appears with the next level up in education – a Bachelor’s degree – gives people a bit more confidence, with 18.98 percent of women and 20.32 percent of men deciding to embark on an adulterous adventure.

Men and women with a Masters are third most likely to slip between the sheets with someone other than their beloved partner. 16.75 percent of men and 14.45 percent of women who have achieved their Masters have no issue getting hot and heavy with someone outside of their primary relationship. - Online Sources


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