Success Recipe: Here are 7 Proven Ways to Kill it in Your Business

In the business world, there is no straight formula for success. If there was one, business failures would be history by now. But all successful business entities have some things in common during their initial years that guarantee success.

New business ideas are turned into ventures daily. In fact, 581 000 new companies were formed in UK in 2013 – at least one startup every minute. Some will definitely fail, but others are on shaky ground at the onset, but with perseverance and careful planning will prevail in the end.

Derick Matsengarwodzi

The big question: will your business thrive, or will go under like the majority. But for the sake of your business and life, here are five proven facts that will surely make your business proper and grow bigger.
Develop Your Own Unique Selling Point (USP)

Did you know that every third person you meet harbours a business idea? But very few even attempt to become an entrepreneur – in short they are not risk takers but choose the ‘security’ of a monthly salary.

People who succeed in business are willing to discard the daily comfort and become extraordinary. If you ask your pals, they will always shoot down your idea, but jus gather courage to turn it into a profitable venture.

The old adage try, try again should be your daily melody. Never quit because of some setbacks, have a positive attitude, obviously mistakes will happen, but let them be your stepping stone. Try not to repeat the same mistakes, take every crisis as a learning curve.

Owning a business offer freedom, but hard work is needed to keep the momentum going. A startup needs you at least 85 hours per week, so pull your socks up. Don’t be drawn to short cuts, there is no business that gives profit in one day, it takes time, your time. Be patient, and you will reap rewards of your toil one day.

Persist even in lean times, this will build your character, but most of all, stay focused and flexible.

Take note: A brilliant idea alone will not ensure success in business. You need to learn to adapt your idea to the present day needs. Your idea should reach maximum customers with ease. In the initial years, customers will not come to you. You need to take your product or service to the customer.

With the advent of technological advancement, this has been made relatively easier.

You need to develop your own Unique Selling Point (USP). Present the benefits of your products and services to your customers, giving them solutions in relation to their problems. Avoid being a copycat; rarely do imitators make it in the marketplace. It is good to study, but never copy your competitors.

Develop yourself into a non-replaceable entrepreneur – refuse to be ordinary because the bottom is overcrowded.

First impression counts. Strive for accuracy and quality the first time around. Second chances rarely come, if ever they do. Make sure that you are always presentable, professional in your ways and you know more about your chosen business.


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