Wrong turn: ‘Lameck’s Brother’ Urinates at Relative’s Grave

Harare – Weeks after Lameck Makwiramiti’s graveyard stunt that stunned the nation with his insults directed at the deceased, whom he accused of pouring urine at his daughter, his brother has pulled a similar, deplorable act.

Lameck’s act sent aroused social media for days.

Under the influence of alcohol, Methuseli Zikhona of Ntshangase Village in Zhombe under Chief Gwesela left onlookers shell-shocked as he casually urinated at a grave.
Urine is Heavily Associated with Witchcraft in Africa

But the traditional chief did not tolerate his act, and fined heavily him after he appeared at the chief’s court for his act heavily associated with witchcraft.

According to a source, Zikhona was intoxicated and insulted congregates gathered at the funeral.

“He was uncontrollable since he was drunk and he started hurling insults at everyone. When some villagers tried to control him, he got angry and he proceeded to the grave and he urinated on top of it in full view of the mourners,” the source revealed to gossip tabloid, B metro.

Refraining people who tried to contain him, Zikhona said he had the right to urinate at the grave because the deceased owned him money.

“He claimed the deceased Thomas Dladla owed him $200 saying that gave him the right to urinate on his grave since he was never going to get his money back.

Feeling belittled the deceased’s family confronted and sought to discipline Zikhona.

“The Dladla family members felt disrespected and insulted by Zikhona’s actions and they wanted to beat him up before other villagers intervened,” added the source.

Confirming the act, Chief Gwesela said Zikhona had apologised saying he lost control of himself due to the beer he had consumed.

“A lot of people from the village drink beer but they never engage in such unruly behaviour. I suspect that he had taken some drugs that caused him to behave in that manner,” said Chief Gwesela.

The troublemaker was fined two cows. – www.tinzwei.com and B metro


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