Bizarre Lust: Man with Condom, Caught in Sexual Act with Donkey

Harare – Takudzwa Tandi at 21 years is an ordinary man to strangers. But deep down he inhabits a peculiar lust – a s.exual appetite for animals – and he has the courage to use a condom during the intercourse with a communal donkey.

Confessing his bizarre feats, Tandi says he is not sure what spirit overcomes him to perform the bestiality acts, and he is desperately seeking for a lasting conclusion.

Bestiality is a word describing s.ex between a human and an animal. There are few things stranger or more repulsive than bestiality. When you say bestiality, you can hear the word beast, which is a good clue to the meaning.
Man Caught in Action with Donkey Causes a Stir

Recently, the man from Bindura – a mining town outside Harare was caught around 3am in the morning being intimate with the donkey inside his uncle’s kraal, while wearing a condom.

“I admit to the shameful act. I was caught being intimate with a donkey early in the morning by the owner. But I am not sure was drives me to do such things. I was sober – and I don’t drink. But since then, I am now going to church,” said Tandi, adding that he opted for a donkey since his girlfriend was away.

However, the community is not convinced. Tandi’s mother is troubled by her son’s exploits.

“What must I do with him? I wish I had not given birth to him,” cried Evis Motsi, after being confronted by a local vernacular – Kwayedza recently.

On the day, Tandi tied the donkey with a rope and laid it on the ground, before performing the act, revealed Silas Madhudhu, the donkey owner.

“I woke up early one morning to chase an owl that was disturbing our sleep. On my way, I saw Tandi in the act inside the kraal. There was moonlight and I noticed him immediately, and he later confessed asking for forgiveness,” revealed the owner.

Soon after, villagers gathered to witness the bizarre act, including the local headman Elias Sikhala.

According to the traditional laws, Tandi was supposed to pay with a cow for his abomination, however the ruling was reduced to moulding 15 000 bricks because his family lives in dire poverty, while his mother is sick.

During the interview, Tandi said he bought condoms ready to meet his girlfriend, sadly she was unavailable.

“I bought the condom in preparation for my girlfriend, after failing to locate her, I had other plans,” said the apologetic man.

Though the crime has been resolved amicably, elders within the village insists the chief must be notified, while the police say this offence must be reported to the police and referred to the courts.

Spiritual leaders trust that Tandi requires deliverance from an evil spirit that has entered him. –


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