Fake Prophet: From Petrol, Grazing Grass to Munching Flowers

When Pastor Lesego Daniels, the founder of Rabboni Centre Ministry Church in Pretoria made his congregation to drink petrol, they claimed it tasted like pineapple.

Secondly, he fed them grass like livestock – and some claimed it was cornflakes. But it seems he is not stopping just yet – he has come up with another satanic trick aimed at his gullible congregates.

Recently, he dished bunches of flowers to his flocks – and what happened next will shock you.
Congregates Made to Eat Flowers in Church

After receiving flowers, the attendants claimed they tasted just like mint, while maintained the hideous act was a healing process.

Revealing to Daily Sun, church members said the different kinds of flowers were nothing short of delicious.

“They tasted like mint chocolate,” revealed one flower eater. “I felt fresh and good,” added another.

Previously, Pastor Lesego made headlines when he made the congregants eat grass, drinking petrol, comparing it to Holy Communion.

And now flowers have taken centre stage. “I never got flowers from any of my lovers. I find it sweet to get them in church. They were for healing,” another woman said.

One man was captured eating a bunch of yellow chrysanthemums looking a bit anxious but he doesn’t defy the pastor. He bites the flower, ends up with petals in his mouth, and then swallows.

It was not immediately clear whether eating the flowers gave him a surge of spiritual power. Getting his congregation to eat unusual treats to help them with their problems is not the only thing Pastor Lesego offers his congregation.

He has also been captured on video praying in tongues.

In 2015, he told the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities Rights Commission: “When I do things, it is no longer me, but me and my Master. I was led by the Holy Spirit.”

Hugo de Klerk is a florist at Teleflorist Africa and he said some flowers are poisonous.

“Some flowers, like roses and a few others, are edible and can be eaten. But others, like lilies, will make you sick. Some flowers are even poisonous,” said Hugo.

Efforts to contact the pastor proved futile. – Daily Sun


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