Fake Protection: Students Reject Free Condoms, Prefer Natural

Harare – Senators were taken aback by the adamant refusal by tertiary education students to use free condoms, preferring skin to skin – better known by the ghetto lingo ‘yekedero.’

The free condoms sarcastically called ‘MaDembare’ because of the blue colour synonymous with Harare footballs giants Dynamos, are available in clinics and other state institutions.

Rampant prostitution and drug abuse has been recorded at colleges - and while on tour to various tertiary colleges, Senators were shocked by what they gathered.

“We were touched and pained that children of that particular age could be so knowledgeable on se_x.
Students Reject Free Condoms

We even have children who are not ashamed of specifically admitting that they indulge in se_xual activities using a particular style so that they are paid $50 in front of dignitaries,” said Senator Keresencia Chabuka, speaking to B metro.

Even though, the minimum age colleges are 19, the legislator was angerd by the response.

“Our children, because of lu_st, are now doing this. They openly admitted that they will have unprotected se_x,” said Sen Chabuka.

Senator Madeline Bhebhe speaking in parliament said that the students hate the sight of “DeMbare” cond_oms.

“The other thing that they highlighted which causes them to have unprotected se_x is that the cond_oms given to them freely are not of good quality,” she said.

Sen Bhebhe said the students freely told them the reasons why they dated blessers (sugar daddies) while some among them opt for mainstream prost_itution.

“They also indicated that they look for blessers. This shocked us as we are also parents and I asked myself that if other students at colleges are looking for blessers what more of our very own children?

“The Committee recommends that Government must assist and intervene in the way these students are living in these higher learning institutions,” said Sen Bhebhe. – B Metro


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