Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Tell if You Are Cheating

Facebook is making it harder for men to cheat on their wives, Mark Zuckerberg has said.

The founder of the social network says people are using it to find out more about their partners, and uncover any secrets they may be hiding.

Mr Zuckerberg is currently travelling around the US for his 2017 “Year of Travel” challenge, which has fuelled speculation that he’s planning to run for President in the near future.

He visited Williston, North Dakota, this week, and took to Facebook to explain how fracking and social media have shaped the dating scene there.
Cheating Husband

According to Mr Zuckerberg, the invention of new fracking techniques led to thousands of workers – “mostly men” – from around the country moving to Williston and tripling the size of the town.

“When oil prices dropped, some of this industry left and so did many people. This has led to some unique community dynamics,” he said.

“First, the ratio of men to women in the city is now 10:1. That's actually lower than 30:1 at its peak.”

He says that the workers come into town for two weeks at a time, before heading back home – often to another state – for two weeks off and then returning to Williston.

When they’re in Williston, they live in so-called “man camps”, which are essentially six-person cabins with bunk beds. “The women I met said they feel safe, but they had unique stories,” explained Mr Zuckerberg.

“Some told me about finding out their boyfriends had families back home. (They thanked me that Facebook has made it harder for these men to live double lives.)

“Another woman told me she has never paid for a drink her whole life.” However, this disproportion also created problems, he continued.

“This gender imbalance has led to crime though. It is well-documented across the world that societies with many more men than women have more crime.”

Mark Zuckerberg is rumoured to be planning to run for President in 2020.

A document submitted by Facebook to the SEC last year has fuelled speculation, and declares, “Mr. Zuckerberg’s leave of absence or resignation would not constitute a Voluntary Resignation if it were in connection with his serving in a government position or office.” - The Independent 


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