Mystery Deeds: Family Stoned, Tormented by Invisible Beings Daily

Harare – It is not only raining problems – but pouring stones for a certain family, causing injuries and untold damage to property.

So intense are the attacks that some members even collapse for three hours – while the nocturnal attacks are increasing, commencing around 8pm daily.

Audible, strong claps plus pinching often lead the victims to faint, especially the 19-year-old last girl child, who also complain of a snake moving in her stomach – and their food is often mixed with human waste.
Family Members are Attacked Every Day. All cleansing Ceremonies have Failed 

A recent call by a local daily, The Herald revealed a heap of huge stones, broken panes and property around the yard at House No. 4146A, Chikonohono suburb in Chinhoyi.

According Tabitha Chiviru, the ordeal began in May with minor attacks targeting her daughter Concilia. With time, the stones got bigger as the frequency increased.

“Because of the frequency of the attacks I have come to understand that some wind often precedes the attacks. Currently, the attacks are mostly targeted at my 19-year-old daughter,” said Tabitha.

Mystery began to unfold at the homestead with bags full of clothing dumped in the yard every morning. Prior to the attacks, the family would find a bag full of clothes on their yard.

During the attacks, Shamiso the last born often spells out the attackers in a trance.

“I do not know what wrong I have done to deserve such pain and mysterious occurrences in my family. We would like to appeal for anyone who can help but from the manifestations of my daughter and previous experiences, this will need someone strong,” said the father Philip Chiviru, who claims he has consulted apostolic sects but to no avail.

Even desperate attempts to create a shield with metal sheets around the victim were useless, as the stones reached their intended target.

“I thought I could protect my daughter in the hope that when the stones penetrate the roof they would land on the metal sheet and avoid her. However, two stones hit her and she fainted and when I looked at the sheet, there were two footprints, the size of my small finger,” said Philip.

Neighbours confirmed hearing strange sounds emanating from the Chiviru homestead, though no visible marks are left by the stones.

“The occurrences at this house are quite strange. People are being attacked by stones which have resulted in us fearing to visit the house,” said a neighbour.

Spiritual cleansing ceremonies have yielded more strange results as most apparels left by the healers were removed at night.

“We ensure that she is not alone at any given time because any moment she is left alone, she is attacked. When it happens something forceful like a snake moves inside her stomach almost as if to squeeze her heart and lungs,” said Concilia.

Local church members left in a huff during a prayer session under a hail of stones. – Online Sources/


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