Pens Down Party: Deadly Student Bash Ends in Tragedy

As the norm, when schools close and examinations are concluded, pupils go on wild parties – sometimes ending in regret. 

And when the term ended, hundreds of students commandeered 50 taxis to block a road and get drunk while they partied the night away as if tomorrow would never come – and it never did for some. 

In the middle of the mayhem, another taxi slammed into the group, killing two girls instantly – and the party become a funeral. As we mourn the sad of lives, we also bring expert advice to parents on how to monitor your children during school holidays to avoid such accidents. 
Students Party Ends in Tragedy

Another kid lost his life, injuring three more people early on Sunday outside the Eyethu Night Club in Port Elizabeth.

Because the club outlawed under age people to enter, the imbibed outside instead, revealed police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge.

“While they were drinking a taxi collided with six of them, killing two girls aged between 14 and 17 instantly. A 19-year-old man was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Three other men were seriously injured and admitted to Dora Nginza Hospital,” said Captain Beetge.

After the incident, the driver sped off from the scene and culpable homicide case has been opened.

“The taxi sped away from the scene. A case of culpable homicide has been opened. We urge parents to come forward to identify the dead and injured pupils.”

The unnecessary loss of lives has irked authorities.

“Schools and parents should be more proactively involved in the lives of their children, especially as school holidays approach. I have instructed a full investigation into this accident to track down the driver,” said the local commander.

Though the department refused to comment, experts believe that the following will help students to keep out of trouble during school holidays.
  • Aim for a 'Holiday Plan’
  • Get a structure in place
  • Encourage healthy sleep patterns
  • Create a focus
  • Choices and responsibility
  • Expect some mishaps
  • Keep talking
  • Encourage a new skill or experience
  • Do something together
  • Make time for yourself


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