Ralph Stanfield: Cape Town 28s Gang Boss Shot, Drives to Hospital

Cape Town 28s gang boss Ralph Stanfield was shot in his luxury Audi R8 near Johannesburg’s up-market Melrose Arch complex on Thursday‚ according to reports.

The notorious gangster then tried to drive himself to the nearest hospital‚ but lost control when he arrived and hit three cars‚ police said.

He is in a critical condition.

“There were two people in the car. A 37-year-old man was shot several times in the upper body in a drive-by shooting‚” said police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo.
Gang Boss Injured in Shootout

Masondo would not confirm several reports identifying the victim as Stanfield but a source involved in investigating him told The Times that it was him.

“I received notification from somebody in intelligence. They told me it is him‚ but they don’t know the circumstances around the incident‚” the source said.

“Stanfield comes from a crime family. His uncle‚ Colin Stanfield was a drug lord and involved in the underworld. We were successful to go after him and got his assets attached.”

Colin was imprisoned for tax evasion in 2002 and died of cancer in 2004.

The source claimed Stanfield had been involved in criminal activities for many years and said he had faced charges of drug dealing‚ arson and attempted murder.

“Charges were withdrawn in the last case he was involved in." The source also claimed a police officer with links to Stanfield was convicted for selling weapons to gangs in Cape Town.

Stanfield is said to have been part of a gang called The Firm‚ which according to the source‚ was an amalgamation of gangs in Cape Town. “He has been the focus of the crime intelligence project for a while‚” the source said.

Stanfield last year applied to the Cape Town city council to change the name of Zach Crescent in Blue Downs‚ where he owns a 20 000m2 plot‚ after his uncle Colin.

However‚ the council’s naming committee said his idea would be regarded as “offensive‚ insensitive and hurtful”. The committee said changing the street to Colin’s name would not contribute positively to the community. - TimesLIVE


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