Seh Calaz: Singer Turns to 'God for His Sins'

Harare – It still remains a mystery why artistes pen tributes for their misgivings – sometimes justifying their acts.

Seh Calaz is the latest culprit – after denying the charge in a song called “Mumwe Wangu” – the dancehall chanter has finally repented for his sins.

Even after the confession, the victim Moira Knight says she is still waiting to see if he really meant it.

“I can’t comment because I am yet to see if he really means what he says,” said Moira.
Seh Calaz

Recently, the media went gaga after the musician assaulted his girlfriend over a financial windfall he received after the sale of his latest album.

The seemingly repentant Calaz has engaged her girlfriend’s family to find a solution.

“I want to reflect on the love of God and how we are commanded to confess our sins so that He has mercy on us. I felt it is important for me to break my silence over the issue involving my fiancée which made headline news two weeks ago,” he stated.

“I unreservedly apologise to my fiancée Ms. Moira Knight, family, friends and all the women for the way I conducted myself following a domestic dispute,” added the popular chanter.

His apology however, is generalised highlighting the social ill, rather than focusing on his affair.

“I am not perfect and we are not a perfect couple either. Just like all of us, we have our highs and lows. I regret the incident. The details of what happened do not matter.”

Calaz’s admission is nonetheless a breath of fresh air from an artiste, while he promises to transform in future.

“It is my sincere hope that every case of domestic violence gets the same attention for a better society not just those involving celebrities. I promise to carry myself in a better way going forward and I will not stop singing about issues that matter because I can fall short as an individual. It’s like expecting doctors not to get sick”. – H Metro


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