Size Matters: Manhood Enlargement Bid Goes Wrong

Harare – Men with small manhood often feel ashamed, contrary to a scientific study that what matters is how you use it.

Ignoring this advice, a 56-year-old man will always insult himself after consulting a self-anointed healer to enlarge his manhood in order to spice his bedroom life.

For his desperate efforts, Gibson Kashiri was asked to pay $1 500 by one Mike Kashiri – and the two never knew each other, until the fatal encounter.
Does Size Rally Matter?

The incident happened in Epworth, after Gibson was told that his cash would multiply to $1 million after some herbs were applied. This was after he had approached Mike for assistance with his small manhood.

After failing to reap the promised rewards, Gibson approach the police complaining that he had been duped of US$1 450, which he paid for the services rendered by Mike, leading to the arrest of the fake healer.

At the courts, Mike denied the charges, insisting he was a registered traditional practitioner.

“He was approached by the complainant sometime in November 2016 initially for a pe_nis enlargement. For this service, the complainant was charged and paid US$50,” revealed Mike’s lawyer to H metro, a Harare tabloid.

The lawyer added: “The complainant was pleased with the quality of the results produced and sought the assistance of the accused further in getting rid of evil spirits at his place of residence in Epworth.”

During interrogation, Mike said Gibson returned for more consultations, demanding his money back.

“The accused was open to this suggestion and in return, requested that all the material he had used for the removal of the evil spirits at the instance of the complainant be returned as well.

“The complainant refused to return the material as requested and the next interaction the parties had was when the complainant came with the police to arrest the accused,” he said.

But the victim insists the so-called healer is a liar.

“There was never a time when he came to exorcise evil spirits at my house. He does not even know where I stay. He promised to give back my money. We even signed an affidavit to that effect.

“He had promised to reimburse my money on March 15 this year but he failed. He even promised to sell his beasts which are in the rural area and pay back my money. But a very long time elapsed before he paid owned up to his promise,” revealed an irate Gibson.

Mike reportedly told Gibson that his money would multiply, and appear in a suitcase after he heard a voice saying so. When he failed to realise the promise, he approached the police for resource leading to Mike’s arrest.

“There was a calabash which had a voice saying I could get a lot of cash after using the herbs. The voice said that the money would come in a suitcase and for that I was supposed to pay US$700, Claims the victim. – Online Sources


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