Supper Dad: 87 Years, 14 Wives, 108 Children and Still Wants More

Harare – Many of his ilk are either beyond redemption, deceased or under the care of somebody – but not 87-year-old Tauzeni Mujaji.

For the record, Mujaji has sired 108 children at the last count – has a brood of 10 wives, some in their thirties – four wives passed on – 50 grandchildren – and he can be intimate with six wives daily – though hunger is intimidating his huge family.

Domiciled in rural Chipinge, the polygamous grandpa claims he still has room for more wives – if there are any takers. To him, meeting his wives bedroom needs is everything, even though his vast children – some still in crèche are facing starvation, lack of education among other needs.
Mujaji and Part of his 108 Children at Home

“If they (10 wives) were not satisfied with me they would not be here anymore. I make sure they are satisfied and I am capable of that. I might now be facing challenges in meeting the financial demands of this big family because I do not have requisite resources such as enough land to till, but I meet their bedroom needs,” boasts the octogenarian to the provincial publication, Manica Post recently.

Many men will testify that satisfying one woman is a toll task, but Mujaji can accomplish the task with ease as confirmed by his fifth wife Netsai Tirivanhu who birthed six children in the polygamous setup.

“For your own information, I can bed six wives in a day among the 10 that I have. I used to have 14 wives but four passed on. I can still accommodate more wives if I find the ones that I want. Would you turn down a beautiful woman if she comes your way?”

And what is secret to a happy life: Giving adequate time and visiting his wives frequently is his secret to a happy marriage.

“I have more than enough time and energy for them (wives) all. I make sure I visit them all in their houses. After all, they are all my houses and I have to visit them,” he said with much authority in his voice,” reveals the supper dad.

The Mujaji homestead is a standalone community within the village, with 24 huts plus six two-roomed brick houses to accommodate the vast family.

His childhood was lonely. As the only child in his family – the active traditional healer sought to prolong his name. As expected, the aging man does not remember all his children by their names, with some given names by their siblings.

“I do not know all of them by their names. I know a few by their names. I might not know them by their names, but I know all of them as my children. Most of them were named by their brothers and sisters,” recounts the polygamist.

With prevalent hunger, many of his children are scattered in South Africa in search of jobs, though some remain at home. Well-wishers have donated goodies towards the clan, while education provision remains a pipedream for the majority.

Why women agree to become second wives?
  • They may be desperate for money
  • Some of these women may simply just want a social upgrade
  • Securing their future. – Manica Post/Online Sources 


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