Tundu Lissu: Who Tracked and Shot Tanzania’s Opposition Chief Whip?

Dar es Salaam — A number of government and parliament officials as well as Members of Parliament have rushed to Dodoma General Hospital where Tanzania’s opposition Chief Whip Tundu Lissu has been taken for treatment.

Lissu was shot by unknown assailants outside his home after leaving Parliament and is in critical condition.

Chadema national chairman, Freeman Mbowe, told a local radio station that Lissu is in critical condition.

"He was been shot at his home. His condition is critical, I will talk later," a vividly shaken Mbowe told the radio station.
Lissu in Critical Condition 

Rombo Member of Parliament Joseph Selasini (Chadema) says according to information for Lissu's driver the assailants tracked Mr Lissu shortly after he left Parliament in the afternoon.

Mr Selasini said along the way the driver notified Mr Lissu of the suspicious car which was following them. Shortly after they arrived at Mr Lissu's residence, the driver asked Lissu to remain in the car.

"The driver told me that after they stopped, the occupants from the other car also stopped a few metres from them but when they noted that Lissu is not coming out, they opened a window and shot one eye. They then started to shoot on the passenger's seat where Mr Lissu was sitting," said Selasini.

After the shooting the car sped off. - Online Sources


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