Cameroon Telecoms: Orange Subscribers Finally Reconnected

Millions of subscribers of the mobile network service provider, Orange Cameroun, are now reconnected after having faced difficulties communicating. 

Officials of Orange said they reestablished connection in the evening of October 7, after experiencing some technical disruptions beyond their control. 

Users of the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) SIM cards had difficulties communicating as the network turned defective over the weekend.

Intermittent communication problems, limitations and anomalies were recorded on the Orange Cameroun network beginning Thursday October 5, 2017. Calls and text messages couldn't go through successfully, many Orange Cameroun subscribers confirmed to Cameroon Tribune. 

Basile Ngono, an Orange 4G SIM card user in Yaounde said he got up on Friday October 6, 2017, to realise he could no longer make calls from his phone. Orange Info later sent a message to the subscriber, like many others, notifying him of disruptions on optic fibre services which affected their communications. 
Orange Cameroon Customers, Finally Reconnected 

Cameroon's optic fibre backbone is managed by state-run Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel). For them the country's optic fibre has had no problem of recent and is running according to stimulus.

"Proof of it is that other network service providers making use of the optic fibre are operating normally," an official told Cameroon Tribune over the weekend. 

"We gathered that the Orange network disruption may be connected to the telecoms company's failure to settle bills at Camtel accruing from the use of the optic fibre network. 

In a correspondence dated September 26, 2017, a copy of which we stumbled upon, the General Manager of Camtel, Nkoto Emane David reminded the General Manager of Orange to pay an outstanding bill of FCFA 1,640,711,753. 

The correspondence noted that failure to settle the bill on or before Thursday October 5, 2017, will result to disconnection. 

Orange Cameroun has refuted claims that she is owing her commercial partner Camtel. Officials insisted the disruption was caused by breakdown in optic fibre network across the country. - Cameroon Tribune


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