English-speaking: New English Technical College in Yaounde

Yaounde - The Minister of Secondary Education has authorised the creation and functioning of a Government Technical College, GTC in the Mewoulou neighbourhood in the Yaounde VI municipality. 

This is in response to the growing population of English-speaking Cameroonians in Yaounde. Mewoulou, located behind the Handicapped Centre in Etoug-Ebe has a land surface of three hectares.

And 32 metres square; enough for full expansion of the institution to include various technical disciplines found in Anglo-Saxon technical schools.

The Principal of the school, Mrs Tonga Ida, who has over 20 years of teaching experience in Government Technical Colleges, says they have started with electricity and building department. 

The college which went operational with over 150 students admitted into Forms One and Two and a teaching staff, is expected to swell up in the days ahead following promises by National Education authorities to meet its needs. 
Minister of Education 

According to the Member of Parliament for Yaounde VI, Roland Pangmashe, the state has already provided a sum of FCFA 750 million for infrastructure in GTC Mewoulou.

The amount, he noted, is just for the development phase of the school, adding that more government subsidies are in the pipeline. 

Among other projects, Hon Pangmashe cited the construction and tarring of roads around the school and the provision of other facilities that would make life better for those who may have to stay in its environs. 

The parliamentarian also said he supported the project with funds for the construction of some wooden buildings to host the classrooms while waiting for the contract awarded by the State to be executed so that the students should be able to move into permanent structures.

GTC Mewoulou is one out of many schools either created or upgraded lately, by the Ministry of Secondary Education within the Yaounde VI Council area. 

The institution may soon have its status transformed into a bilingual technical college. - Online Sources 


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