Ignatius Chombo: Former Mugabe Confidante Hospitalised After 'Military Release'

Harare - BBC reports that Robert Mugabe’s finance minister Ignatius Chombo has been 'admitted to hospital after beatings he received in military custody'.

His lawyer Lovemore Madhuku reportedly said that Chombo has injuries to his hands, legs and back and was blindfolded throughout his week in custody.

Chombo was accused of corruption and abuse of power relating to his time as local government minister more than a decade ago, Madhuku was quoted as saying.

Chombo was detained when the military took over last week in events that eventually led to Mr Mugabe resigning as president.
Ignatius Chombo 

Ignatius Morgan Chombo born on 1 August 1952, is a Zimbabwean politician who was appointed Minister of Finance in 2017.

Previously he has served in the Cabinet of Zimbabwe as Minister of Home Affairs during 2015-2017, Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development during 2000-2015.

Chombo was nominated as Zanu PF's candidate for the House of Assembly seat from Zvimba North, in Mashonaland West, in the March 2008 parliamentary election.

He won the seat with 6,784 votes in the initial count, defeating two candidates of the Movement for Democratic Change: Ernest Mudimu (MDC-T), who received 1,701 votes, and Magama Shelton (MDC-M), who received 944 votes.

The MDC challenged this result, and a recount in April showed Chombo with an improved margin of victory: he gained 155 votes in the recount, Mudimu gained 13 votes, and Magama lost 28 votes.

When The ZANU-PF–MDC national unity government was sworn in on 13 February 2009, Chombo was retained as Minister of Local Government.

President Mugabe moved Chombo to the post of Minister of Home Affairs on 6 July 2015. In October 2017, he was appointed as Minister of Finance in a cabinet reshuffle. 

He finally was removed from his post and detained by the military in the course of the 2017 Zimbabwean coup d'état. - Online Sources


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