Prof Arthur Mutambara: Former VP Supports ‘Army Takeover’

Johannesburg - Zimbabwe’s former deputy prime minister Arthur Mutambara on Wednesday said the military intervention in Zimbabwe is not ideal but was inevitable.

“When you [President Robert Mugabe] close all avenues for change in your party and country; when you rig elections persistently; when you violate the Constitution with impunity; when you arrogantly seek to establish a family political dynasty.

When you enrich yourself and your family and impoverish the majority; when you ruin the economy and destroy the country; when you think at 93 (after misruling a nation for 37 years), you are the only answer to political leadership – this is what you get,” said Mutambara.

“What is happening in Zimbabwe is what you get. It is a case of chickens coming home to roost.”

Under the 2008 power-sharing agreement in Zimbabwe, Mutambara served in the government as deputy prime minister, from 2009 to 2013. 
Tsvangirai, Mugabe and Mutambara

On Wednesday, Mutambara said the military intervention was not within the provision of the Constitution, but the situation made it inevitable in a country destroyed by Mugabe.

“Yes, what is developing in Zimbabwe is not the best of circumstances and it is not within the Constitution, but can it be any worse than what was obtaining in Zimbabwe as described above? Can anyone or any institution destroy the country more than what Mugabe has already done? 

What Constitutional order is there to preserve? Weren’t the shenanigans in 2008 tantamount to a coup?” he asked.

“When you rig elections, are you not carrying out a coup? So what’s new? Are the starving and suffering people of Zimbabwe expected to feel sorry for Mugabe and his dynasty? Certainly not.”

Moving forward, Mutambara said Zimbabweans should be looking at working together to reconstruct their country.

“What is important now is to answer the question: ‘how do we collectively work together to reconstruct our country from the ashes, that Robert Mugabe has bequeathed us’. It is time for thorough reflection, national leadership, vision and strategy,” he added. - African Independent


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