Coup d'état: Zimbabwe President SA Trip 'Hijacked'

Harare – The intended sojourn by Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa to South Africa to lure investors has been hijacked by malcontents, aiming to fleece investors by charging them a fee to meet the premier. 

Investment conveyor belt, the Zim-SA Forum has been caught pants down as they tried to charge unsuspecting Zimbabweans amounts ranging from $100 to $9 000. 

In a viral social media banner, the forum claims,  “Zim-SA Forum has the pleasure of inviting you and your business associates to a Gala Dinner in honour of the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Mr. E.D Mnangagwa in his first official visit to South Africa as a sitting president,”  the forum President, Anele Ndlovu mentioned in a poster. 

An SA bank account has also been provided. 
President Emmerson Mnangagwa Embarks on his First Official Visit to SA Soon 

However, according to CAJ News, the Zimbabwe Embassy has described the move as 'unfortunate and causing confusion'.   

“We wish to advise that this event (luncheon) will be hosted by the Ambassador (Isaac Moyo) and the Embassy Staff. The Ambassador has since sent an invitation to all invited. At no time was Zim-SA mandated to invite participants," warned Consular General, Henry Mukonoweshuro, 

He added in a letter to Ndlovu: “Events where the esteemed leader meets his Zimbabwean people from all walks of life cannot and should not be used to fund raise.” 

Zim-SA Forum was cautioned for hijacking state events and ordered to withdraw all invitations. 

“We value your (Zim-SA Forum’s) cooperation and enthusiasm, but wish that we move together cognisant of Government and official protocols and working ethos,” said Mukonoweshuro.

The SA trip will be President Mnangagwa's first official travel outside the country since his inauguration in a bid to lure investors into the comatose Harare economy.

Citizens interviewed by CAJ News expressed shock at such motives, while Ndlovu was elusive when contacted for his input. 

"The forum underscores the need for empowerment of Diasporas as a key cornerstone for national economic recovery," claims the forum. - Online Sources


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